Welcome to Pacifica View

My plan - time permitting - is to use this site to highlight the beauty of the town where I live: Pacifica, CA. I have a collection of photos and videos to share, and hope to also add a gallery where others can upload their content.

In the mean-time, I have some webcams which provide live views of the ocean and pier. You can view them at:

Pacifica Live Cameras

I also have a weather station and PurpleAir air quality sensor installed on my roof. I have set up a weather page which provides the reports from these sensors:

Sharp Park Beach Weather

I recently set up a flickr account and I've started to upload some of my images there:

David Chamberlin's Flickr page

I also just set up a public Facebook page where I've started to upload my images. I did this primarily so it would be easier for people to share the photographs and posts I upload. I haven't yet backfilled it with my earlier photographs - I will likely try to do that as time permits.

Chamberlin Nature facebook page

And if the above weren't enough, I've finally been harassed....errr...convinced.... into setting up an instagram account.

Chamberlin Nature instagram

If you're a surfer (or anyone I may have photographed) and I either directed you to this site or you think I may have taken some shots of you and you'd like copies - send me an email with the day, time and any identifying characteristics (board, wetsuit, etc). I share these photos at no charge. If you prefer, you can send a message to my Chamberlin Nature facebook page listed above.

David Chamberlin dwc@pacificaview.net