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This site is primarily focused on the beautiful town in which I live: Pacifica, California. I have a weather page fed by a weather station on my roof; livecams which show the Pacifica Pier, Sharp Park Beach and Mori Point; and I have a whale-watching guide. While there are a few of my photographs here on this site, I have a site dedicated to my photography here:

Chamberlin Nature

You can find the live camera feeds on the livecam page here:

Pacifica Live Cameras

The weather page with information from my weather station on Beach Boulevard is here:

Sharp Park Beach Weather

As mentioned earlier, I am a photographer and regularly share my latest works, as well as shots of various locations I visit and wildlife I encounter. I have several places where I post my photographs. I previously relied on social media for displaying and sharing my work. While I still share my work through social media, a better way to view my art is through the Chamberlin Nature website mentioned earlier.

I have a blog on that site where I regularly post images. I've also set up galleries to highlight some of my favorite images. I'm slowly trying to backfill it with the images and posts I have posted to Facebook.

Chamberlin Nature

For viewing on social media, here's the current state of things: Flickr is where I started posting my photos and it has all of my older content. However after I set up my Chamberlin Nature photography Facebook and Instagram accounts, I fell behind on updating flickr - so facebook and instagram have my recent work but not any of the older work. I apologize, I just find taking photos a lot more fun than organizing them. :-)

Note that the Facebook page is a public page and the photos are all set with public permissions, so you can easily share the photos directly from this page.

Here are the accounts:

David Chamberlin's Flickr page

Chamberlin Nature Facebook page

Chamberlin Nature Instagram

Chamberlin Nature's Youtube channel

I wrote a short guide on whale watching in Pacifica, which you can find here:

Whale Watching in Pacifica

If you're a surfer (or anyone I may have photographed) and I either directed you to this site or you think I may have taken some shots of you and you'd like copies - send me an email with the day, time and any identifying characteristics (board, wetsuit, etc). If you prefer, you can send a message to my Chamberlin Nature facebook page listed above.

David Chamberlin david@chamberlinnature.com